October Goals

October!  A beautiful month filled with color of the changing leaves and crisp fresh air.  Such a wonderful time of the year.  So what does October have in store for me?  Thanksgiving, a special birthday, Halloween, apple picking and corn mazes and of course, lots of running!

Long term goal has been set for the half marathon next September.  That’s a long time out though and I need some short term goals to keep me focused.  This month’s goals are a bit of the normal routine and a bit of new.  I’m hoping to continue with my 5 km every second day for an October total of 75 KM.  I am also going to step out of my comfort zone and conquer my discomfort of going to the gym.  I am going to go and discover what all the resistance equipment does, how it works and give them all a shot.  One step at a time, right?

I’ve called in backup to assist me in reaching my goal of going to the gym.  I have asked great friends who regularly use the gym to guide me through my first few visits.  So nervous and so excited!  Even though running is an individual sport, I have learned to reach out and create my own team.  I have an amazing team of supporters, experienced runners who can offer great advice, and new runners who I enjoy sharing the sport with.  Why keep something so awesome all to yourself, I say!

Good luck with all your October running and health goals!  I know we will all have a spooktacular month!

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