Sharing the Joy!

I recently received a text from a friend who has been running and racing for a bit.  She shared the news that she had just signed up for her first 10 km race!  I am thrilled for her, proud of her and can’t wait to see her cross the finish line!  It instantly reminded me, once again, of how amazing this sport is.

A lot of areas in our lives can challenge us with so much negativity on a daily basis.  Running and racing is a sport filled with so much positive energy.  Positive energy for ourselves and our fellow runners.  We celebrate each other’s accomplishments and encourage each other to step out of our comfort zones to reach new goals.  We know that we will have fellow runners willing to help us when we stumble and guide us through tough times.

This is so obvious at the finish line.  After I finish a race, I take time to watch the finish line.  Finish lines are so incredible!  Maybe my favorite part of race day actually.  I stand back away from it all and watch over and over, runners accomplishing their goals.  I also watch the runners who have already finished their races, line the area leading to the finish line and cheer on fellow racers regardless of the distance they just ran, what running gear they are wearing, or who they are.

EVERYONE is encouraged and celebrated!


Complete strangers encouraging others to be the best they can be!  This positive energy just continues to multiply, you can feel it!  It is awesome!

The text from my friend allowed us to share her excitement.  It made me instantly want to put my sneakers on and go for a run.  I had received a boost of energy from her news that lasted the whole day.  Actually, as I type today and think back to the text, I feel energized and happy.  Running doesn’t just affect me while I’m in a training session or race.  It provides positive energy throughout my day.  I love being immersed in such a positive sport and lifestyle every step of the way!

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