Setting Goals

I’m competitive.  VERY competitive…with myself.  As soon as I finish a race, I’m looking forward to the next one where I can try to be faster or go longer.  When I cross that finish line, I am riding a high.  I feel strong and healthy.  I stand taller.  I smile more easily.  I also talk a million miles a minute and drive anyone in ear shot crazy with details of the race…for days.  My poor family.  They eventually just say, “Mm-hmm” and nod as I repeat the story of my awesome race.  I love them!

As I begin this adventure in blogging, I have just finished a two race weekend and have set a new goal.  And for me, it’s a big one!  I have officially registered for my FIRST HALF MARATHON!  I turn 40 next summer and instead of dreading the big 4-0 like I was, I will now be focused on training for an awesome fall race.  I am over the moon excited about it and equally terrified!  When I hit the confirm button for the online race registration form, I giggled with excitement, took a deep breath and thought, “What the heck did I just do?”

The ball is in motion!  The race has been chosen, the blog has been started and I’m very excited to see how all this plays out!  As of now, I’m restarting my training.  I usually give myself some time off after a race weekend, so I focused on stretching, eating right and giving my house and family some attention.  I’ve been out for two walks, once with a training buddy and once with Hubby, and completed a few easy runs.  I so enjoyed being out and getting the heart pumping.  I have joined a gym for the first time ever so I could access a treadmill over the winter months and could add some cross training to the routine.  That is scary and new for me.  I am, however, looking forward to all the training ahead, as soon as I shake the dreaded back to school head cold that has hit me.  It was bound to happen with my kids attending three different germ incubators schools, one of them was sure to get me!  This reinforces a running lesson this mom learned when I first started running – when setting your goal due dates, be sure to add in extra time for life (and cold season) too!

Lots of training and living waiting for me but I’m just going to take it all, one step at a time!

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