Hello and welcome!   This blog is my way of, once again, doing something running related because I just can’t get enough of running!  However, I have no idea what I’m doing.  So I’m jumping in with both feet (with my best sneakers on) and seeing where this leads.  Feels like my first race.  The nerves and excitement are the same!

I have been running for four years now.  I have trained for and participated in races of distances from 3km to 10km.  All of these races have been amazing and pull me further into the sport each time I cross that finish line!  What’s even better, is when I watch a friend cross their first finish line!  That. Is. Awesome!

I’m planning on sharing my running journey with you here in this blog as I set new goals and hopefully achieve them.  I’m not trained or certified to offer advice on medical topics, nutrition or exercise programming.  I am, however, a mom of four great kids, wife to an awesome guy, and crazy in love with running!  Stick with me as I set new goals and learn what works and what doesn’t for me.  Maybe you will get the running bug too!  If you are already a runner, join my virtual team as we figure it all out – one step at a time!

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