Yoga Teacher Training. A Journey of a Lifetime!

Yoga Teacher Training is completed and all is beginning to settle. Slowly finding words and space to share my amazing journey.

Inner Sanctuary

After yoga classes, I often spend some time reflecting on what happened during the practice. It's easy to tune in to results of the physical side of the practice.  Your legs may remind you that you worked hard when you climb the stairs to head to bed.  Your body may feel so relaxed that the … Continue reading Inner Sanctuary

I Almost Had a Temper Tantrum in Yoga Class Today!

Thursday are busy.  Like, really busy.  The four kids run in different directions for school and extracurricular activities all day long.  Let me rephrase that....I run the kids in different directions, sometimes at the same time, all day long.  I'm lucky to be able to be home with them and to be part of their … Continue reading I Almost Had a Temper Tantrum in Yoga Class Today!